Geoff Webster

Name?  Geoff Webster

Favourite TV show? Top Gear

What magazines do you read?  Sport Magazines

3 things that really make you angry?

1 – people who think they are more important than others

2 – rave music

3 –  soap operas


3 things that really make you smile?

1 –  money

2 –  the pub

3 –  nice people


Philosophy on life? to do what makes you happy

Who is your hero and why? me dad he was a great man

Who do you hate and why? people who love themselves and talk loud in restaurants

If you were Mayor of Merseyside, what 3 things would you change?

1 –  make the mersey tunnel free

2 –  help the needy

3 –  bring down the price of public transport

What would be written on your gravestone

any chance of waking me up

How would your friends describe you? somebody who is normal

What are you best characteristics?   well mannered ,polite ,helpful   

What are you worst characteristics? eat to much, over live , always find the funny side of life


Tell us three things about yourself that we don’t know?

1 – i like walking ,i play snooker and just started writing a book

2 –  smoke cigars at christmas

3 – as far as radio is ime a perfectionist if its not right forget it


If you could pass a law to make something become illegal what would it be?

not pay tax

What is your party trick? i play many jokes on people until they realise ime winding them up


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