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Favourite newspaper & why? The Liverpool Echo because it’s local

Favourite TV shows & why? Massive tv fan. Favourites include Red Dwarf, Buffy, & Sons of Anarchy

What magazines do you read?  Not much of a magazine reader

3 things that really make you angry?

1 –  Liars

2 –  Politics

3 –  Being disrespected

3 things that really make you smile?

1 –  Genuinely nice people

2 –  My Daughter

3 –   Holidays

Philosophy on life?

Live life to the fullest, Always try and improve yourself.  Take every opportunity and live life for now, as anything can happen tomorrow.

Who is your hero and why?

People who fight for change and support others in their time of need.

Who do you hate and why? Politicians/Liars, Two faced people, and Bullies

If you were Mayor of Merseyside, what 3 things would you change?

1 –  I’d try and solve the homelessness problem.

2 –  I’d try and reduce the amount of roadworks at any one time.

3 –  I’d reduce or change some pointless fines in place.

What would be written on your gravestone? Loving Father

How would your friends describe you? Hopefully they would describe me as fun, intelligent and caring

What are you best characteristics?  Great sense of humour, Empathy, Intelligence, Very open minded, Fun to be around.

What are you worst characteristics? Lose interest very easily, poor handwriting, Sometimes act before I think.

Tell us three things about yourself that we don’t know?

1 –  I have congenital heart disease, and require yearly checkups.

2 –  I’ve worked as a DJ/Entertainer in 3 different countries.  UK, Greece & Mexico

3 –  I’m a qualified Librarian.

What are your 3 beliefs in life?

1 –  Be kind

2 –  Take Opportunities

3 -   Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you could pass a law to make something become illegal what would it be?  Politicians lying/Making false promises.

Which one law would you decriminalise?  Some of the many pointless Covid laws.  Venues being open after 11pm, venues opening without serving Food etc. 

What is your party trick? I have one or two I can’t mention, but I’m very double jointed. In my legs and fingers 😂

What 3 words best describe you?   Outgoing, Friendly, Hard working.


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